Vaccume Instruments Co. Ltd
30 years experience
Products Range
Vacuum Metallising Plants/Thin Film Coatings
Glass Sheet Coater/Vacuum Evaporation Units
TiN Coaters/Vacuum Freeze Dryers
Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens
Vacuum Boosters/Rotary/Diffusion Pumps
Vacuum Gauges/Valves/Consumables
Custom Requirements
  • Magnesium Granulation Plant
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex-Hyderabad
  • Planer flow Caster for Metallic Glasses
  • Defence Metallurgical Res. Lab.–Hyderabad
  • Space Simulation Chamber- Computerized
  • Space Application Center-Ahmedabad
  • Vacuum Induction Furnace
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Center-Trivandrum
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex- Hyderabad
  • Vacuum System for Star and Earth Sensors.
  • ISRO Satellites Center –Bangalore
  • Silane Distillation Unit
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur.
  • Silane Cracking Systems (CVD)
  • National Physical Laboratory – Delhi
  • Double Bag Vacuum Laminator
  • Jadavpur University Calcuttta; CEL, Sahibabad
  • Silver Impregnation in Graphite
  • Choksi Multimetals – Udaipur;
    Industrial Carbons-Calcutta.
  • Superconducting Solenoid
  • Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.- Tiruchirapally.
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope .
  • Indo –USA Project.

    The list is in fact,endless...
About Ourselves.....
Sh. Ved Prakash - CMD
Vacuum Instruments Co. Ltd. was founded by vision of one man. A Research Scientist at National Physical Laboratory (NPL) New Delhi, started the Company under Scientist Entrepreneur Scheme through CSIR. For close to four Decades it is the relentless efforts of one man that have brought India on the World level in Vacuum Technology.
The name is not only known in various Government and R&D Organizations of the Country but also deeply respected. All of those involved in the field of Vacuum in Northern India have in some way or the other been associated with this man and owe their knowledge to him.
Featured Products...
TiN Coater
VICO offers an extensive range of Industrial Vacuum Coating Plants for a wide variety of applications. These Plants are comprehensively engineered and incorporate the latest innovations.
VICO Glass Sheet Coaters/Aluminium Coaters
Float Glass Mirrors are made by using Silver solution, whereas in our Plant Aluminium is used in stead of Silver which makes it very cheap.
Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens
We make all sorts of Vacuum Furnaces. We have a routine design up to 150mm dia hot zone for lab use. The Vacuum is 10-5 torr or better. A lab furnace can be used to make Single Crystals.
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