Vaccume Instruments Co. Ltd
30 years experience
Products Range
Vacuum Metallising Plants/Thin Film Coatings
Glass Sheet Coater/Vacuum Evaporation Units
TiN Coaters/Vacuum Freeze Dryers
Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens
Vacuum Boosters/Rotary/Diffusion Pumps
Vacuum Guages/Valves/Consumables
Custom Requirements
  • Magnesium Granulation Plant
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex-Hyderabad
  • Planer flow Caster for Metallic Glasses
  • Defence Metallurgical Res. Lab.–Hyderabad
  • Space Simulation Chamber- Computerized
  • Space Application Center-Ahmedabad
  • Vacuum Induction Furnace
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Center-Trivandrum
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex- Hyderabad
  • Vacuum System for Star and Earth Sensors.
  • ISRO Satellites Center –Bangalore
  • Silane Distillation Unit
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur.
  • Silane Cracking Systems (CVD)
  • National Physical Laboratory – Delhi
  • Double Bag Vacuum Laminator
  • Jadavpur University Calcuttta; CEL, Sahibabad
  • Silver Impregnation in Graphite
  • Choksi Multimetals – Udaipur;
    Industrial Carbons-Calcutta.
  • Superconducting Solenoid
  • Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.- Tiruchirapally.
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope .
  • Indo –USA Project.

    The list is in fact,endless...
TiN Coaters/Vacuum Freeze Dryers
TiN Coaters
Tin Coaters/Arcion Coaters
TiN Coater
VICO has many years of experience in the field of Vacuum Technology. Titanium Nitride Coaters (TiN Coaters) is a new age technology that is made possible due to our constant R & D efforts. TiN or Arc Ion Vacuum Coaters achieve durable coatings where the coating material is evaporated and ionized by an electric-arc. By adding reactive gas- Hard, gold-appearing coatings can be achieved.
  • Hard gold-like coatings for functional and decorative use on Watch straps, Eyeglass Frames, Artificial/Costume jewellary.
  • Protective layer on tools for increasing tool-life.
  • Replaces Electro-plating, Anodising and other polluting methods of coatings on variety of fancy items.
  • The Coatings are corrosion resistant and very cost-effective.
  • Various other colors like Chrome, Brass, and Copper can also be achieved.
These coatings enhances the life of the product and giving a dry and non-polluting method to achieve desired result for your product sales.
Vacuum Freeze Dryers
Vacuum Freeze Dryers
Vacuum Freeze Dryer
Freeze Drying is mainly used to conserve temperature-sensitive products which loose essential and desired properties if conserved by other methods. The main fields of applications of VICO Freeze Driers are in the pharmaceutical industry, in biology and in medicine.
  • We have different models having shelf area from 2000cm2 to 40m2
  • Condenser capacity 3Kg to 500Kg available for operation in Manual or fully Automatic process control with temperature program controller or micro processor or computer.
TV- Tube Exhaust Cart
VICO has fabricated TV-tube exhaust carts for a number of TV-tube manufacturers. The carts are designed to suit user facilities. Our customers include Mullard, JCT, BEL, SAMTEL, Teletube, Seawind Tubes. Besides exhaust carts VICO also designs and manufactures TV-tube Aluminisers and other machines.
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