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30 years experience
Products Range
Vacuum Metallising Plants/Thin Film Coatings
Glass Sheet Coater/Vacuum Evaporation Units
TiN Coaters/Vacuum Freeze Dryers
Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens
Vacuum Boosters/Rotary/Diffusion Pumps
Vacuum Guages/Valves/Consumables
Custom Requirements
  • Magnesium Granulation Plant
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex-Hyderabad
  • Planer flow Caster for Metallic Glasses
  • Defence Metallurgical Res. Lab.–Hyderabad
  • Space Simulation Chamber- Computerized
  • Space Application Center-Ahmedabad
  • Vacuum Induction Furnace
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Center-Trivandrum
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex- Hyderabad
  • Vacuum System for Star and Earth Sensors.
  • ISRO Satellites Center –Bangalore
  • Silane Distillation Unit
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur.
  • Silane Cracking Systems (CVD)
  • National Physical Laboratory – Delhi
  • Double Bag Vacuum Laminator
  • Jadavpur University Calcuttta; CEL, Sahibabad
  • Silver Impregnation in Graphite
  • Choksi Multimetals – Udaipur;
    Industrial Carbons-Calcutta.
  • Superconducting Solenoid
  • Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.- Tiruchirapally.
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope .
  • Indo –USA Project.

    The list is in fact,endless...
Vacuum Boosters/Rotary/Diffusion Pumps
Vacuum Booster pump
VICO is first to introduce large capacity Booster pumps in India. Capacities range from 5000 to 150000 litre/min. Larger pumps can also be made against specific requirements.
  • Very high volumetric efficiency and speed in the low pressure range provide significant savings in both time and power.
  • As an oil free pump, the mechanical booster provides clean, dry, vacuum pumping with low back streaming rate.
  • Rotors are precision-machined to close tolerances, are statically and dynamically balanced and use high quality bearings for longer life and trouble free operation.
  • Vacuum boosters find application in Vacuum Metallising, Vacuum Furnaces, Cooling/Chilling, Deaeration and Degassification, Dehyderation, Deodoration, Distillation, Evacuation, Filteration, Freeze Drying, Vacuum Cooking.
Vacuum Rotary pump
VICO Rotary Pumps are rotary vane type and either single or double stage.
VICO pumps are made using advanced engineering and are of sophisticated design and rugged construction.
  • Free air displacement capacities are 50 to 3000 litre/min.
  • Rotary pumps to suit specific requirements can also be made.
Vacuum Diffusion Pumps
Vacuum Diffusion Pumps
VICO has many years of experience in fabrication best quality Diffusion Pumps. The current list ranges from 60mm to 1000mm.
  • The pump design incorporates the latest findings in Jet emission dynamics and vapour removal techniques.
  • Pump accessories such as isolation valves, cold traps, Freon-refrigeration and LN2 Chevron (Optically dense)baffles, butterfly type quarter-swing valves, water flow switches etc. are also available.
  • The material of construction of Diffusion Pumps is STAINLESS STEEL. An oil economizer is provided at the backing connection of the D.P. to prevent oil loss.
  • The design of jet assembly is an exclusive VICO design which gives faster speed compared to others.
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