Vaccume Instruments Co. Ltd
30 years experience
Products Range
Vacuum Metallising Plants/Thin Film Coatings
Glass Sheet Coater/Vacuum Evaporation Units
TiN Coaters/Vacuum Freeze Dryers
Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens
Vacuum Boosters/Rotary/Diffusion Pumps
Vacuum Guages/Valves/Consumables
Custom Requirements
  • Magnesium Granulation Plant
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex-Hyderabad
  • Planer flow Caster for Metallic Glasses
  • Defence Metallurgical Res. Lab.–Hyderabad
  • Space Simulation Chamber- Computerized
  • Space Application Center-Ahmedabad
  • Vacuum Induction Furnace
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Center-Trivandrum
  • Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex- Hyderabad
  • Vacuum System for Star and Earth Sensors.
  • ISRO Satellites Center –Bangalore
  • Silane Distillation Unit
  • Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur.
  • Silane Cracking Systems (CVD)
  • National Physical Laboratory – Delhi
  • Double Bag Vacuum Laminator
  • Jadavpur University Calcuttta; CEL, Sahibabad
  • Silver Impregnation in Graphite
  • Choksi Multimetals – Udaipur;
    Industrial Carbons-Calcutta.
  • Superconducting Solenoid
  • Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.- Tiruchirapally.
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope .
  • Indo –USA Project.

    The list is in fact,endless...
Vacuum Furnaces and Ovens
Vacuum Furnaces
Vaccum Furnace Furnace
Vacuum Furnace
Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace
Oven Hot Press
Hot Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum Hot Press
We make all sorts of Vacuum Furnaces. We have a routine design up to 150mm dia hot zone for lab use. The Vacuum is 10-5 torr or better. A lab furnace can be used to make Single Crystals.
  • Our range of Furnaces includes Vacuum Induction Furnaces for Lab as well as larger size production.
  • We make Vacuum Hot Press as per specific requirements.
  • The temperature range is up to 2200oC.
  • We also make Hot Wall Heat Treatment Furnace and have made a Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) Furnace for NFC,Hyderabad.
Several types of Furnaces with Vacuum of specific ambient for a variety of applications are available.
Lacquer Curing Ovens
VICO offers an extensive range of Industrial Lacquer Curing Ovens for curing lacquer before and after Metallising on glass, plastics and metal articles. These Ovens are specially designed for Vacuum Metallising Industry and comprehensively engineered to incorporate the latest features.
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